Animal Communication

An animal communication session is a great way to discover what your animal would like you to know. I connect with your animal, share their personality, feelings, thoughts, and what is on their mind. 


The beauty of a live session is you can have a conversation with your animal, through me, and ask extra questions relevant to what your animal shares. I also do a body scan, and you have the opportunity to ask me to go over a specific area again. 


An animal communication session can deepen the bond between yourself and your animal. 

Sample Questions You may like to ask your animal

  • Are you in pain?

  • What is upsetting/worrying you?

  • Why do you wee inside, act stressed, destroy furniture?

  • What would help you enjoy your life more?

  • Show me your favourite place?

  • What do you love to do?

  • Do you need to see a vet/bodyworker/chiro?

When you book your session, please email two photos of your animal, clearly showing their eyes, and three questions you would like to ask them. Having a couple of photos is good, sometimes one photo resonates more than the other. Please make sure one of the photos clearly shows their face. A good photo really helps to make the connection. Click here to see examples of good photos.


Hints on which photo to send

I can connect with an animal using an unclear photo, but it makes my job easier to have a clear photo of the animal's face. If possible, please send a photo clearly showing your animal's face. If they are in spirit and you do not have a clear photo, or you aren't great at taking photos, that's okay, send what you have.

​TERRIFIC PHOTO EXAMPLES - clearly showing the animals faces. One animal per photo, no person in the photo. 

​Not so good photos - they don't clearly show the animals faces, and some have other animals and people in them. But if you only have this kind of photo, send them anyway :-) 

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