Animal Communication

An animal communication session is a great way to discover what your animal would like you to know. I connect with your animal, share their personality, feelings, thoughts, and what is on their mind. 


The beauty of a live session is you can have a conversation with your animal, through me, and ask extra questions relevant to what your animal shares. I also do a body scan, and you have the opportunity to ask me to go over a specific area again. 


An animal communication session can deepen the bond between yourself and your animal. 

I am not currently working with missing animals

Sample Questions You may like to ask your animal

  • Are you in pain?

  • What is upsetting/worrying you?

  • Why do you wee inside, act stressed, destroy furniture?

  • What would help you enjoy your life more?

  • Show me your favourite place?

  • What do you love to do?

  • Do you need to see a vet/bodyworker/chiro?

When you book your session, please email two photos of your animal, clearly showing their eyes, and three questions you would like to ask them. Having a couple of photos is good, sometimes one photo resonates more than the other. Please make sure one of the photos clearly shows their face. A good photo really helps to make the connection. Click here to see examples of good photos.


Hints on which photo to send

I can connect with an animal using an unclear photo, but it makes my job easier to have a clear photo of the animal's face. If possible, please send a photo clearly showing your animal's face. If they are in spirit and you do not have a clear photo, or you aren't great at taking photos, that's okay, send what you have.

​TERRIFIC PHOTO EXAMPLES - clearly showing the animals faces. One animal per photo, no person in the photo. 

​Not so good photos - they don't clearly show the animals faces, and some have other animals and people in them. But if you only have this kind of photo, send them anyway :-) 


Tracy's review

I had an animal communication session with Janine for my horse Poe and right from the start it was so spot on! He filled her in on the unique way we share affection, and was able to give me some insight to how his brain worked which, after our ride today, all makes so much sense! The main things she picked up on during the body scan was also confirmed today - an injury to the left ear, a sensitive spot on the inside of his right front hoof, a lean to the left when riding and after putting his bit up another hole he was much quieter in the mouth. Absolutely incredible, would highly recommend that anyone with questions for their pets have a communication session with Janine.

Kaylee's review

Janine has done numerous readings for me and my horses, and her readings are always spot on and insightful.


If you ever wonder what your animals are thinking then do yourself a favour and get Janine to do a reading for you.


Thank you for being the voice my horses don't have.

Ev's review

I've asked Janine to connect with a number of horses of mine and also clients horses. She has been pivotal in some cases and also given us great insight in how to manage sick and injured horses.


Janine's abilities are not like I have ever encountered before and the horses have always happily received her energy, allowed body scans to enable us great knowledge about their bodies and noticeably feel at ease after her sessions.


Thank you for all of your amazing work Janine.

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