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After you book your session, please email a couple of photos of your animal, clearly showing their head with their eyes open and no other animals or people in the photos. Add their name, age, breed, whether they are alive or in spirit, and two or three questions you would like me to focus on. You can ask more questions during the session if you would like to. Remember not to add any information about your animal's physical problems, that's what I need to tell you in their body scan.

It's super easy to join your Zoom Session on the day. When you book the day and time that suits you, you receive an automatic email giving you the Zoom link to your session. On that day and time, you click on the link and it takes you straight to your session. I admit you to my Zoom Room and we are ready to begin.

Please note - I do not work with missing animals!


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If you are unable to utilise the booking system please email Janine