Energy Healing

Diamond Light Health & Harmony
​Energy Healing Sessions for Animals & People


For Animals

Diamond Light Health and Harmony Energy Healing Sessions can bring about amazing changes for animals.


Clients tell me they see a real difference in their animals following a session; anything from a dramatic physical improvement to a softness in their animal's expression, a sense of gratitude, improved behaviour, better social interactions with other animals and people. Changes can be evident within hours or have a flow on effect for up to three weeks, depending on the animal and their circumstances.


An energy healing session can be a wonderful complimentary benefit for conventional veterinary and other professional treatments. It is not a replacement. If your animal is unwell, please consult your veterinarian.

Energy Healing

A Diamond Light Health and Harmony Energy Healing Session is peaceful yet can be very powerful, and can be used along with conventional medical care.


In the sessions, I work with my Specialist Spirit Team and Healers from the Higher Spiritual Realms to flow high-frequency healing energies to your animal for their overall wellbeing, to assist clearing and balancing their eight main chakras and ancillary chakras, the seven layers of their energy field, plus any other areas I’m guided to. That may include removing negative energy cords between them and other people in this current life, past events in their current life, and any negative past life influences.


Diamond Light Health and Harmony Energy Healing Sessions are designed to assist your animal to feel calmer, more relaxed, happier, and to initiate and encourage their healing on emotional, physical and energetic levels.


The first healing session takes around 35 minutes and the second about 15 minutes. It can take longer. It is not necessary for you to be present for the sessions. I work by distance using a photo of your animal to connect with them then conduct the session telepathically. Later, I email you an audio recording of the session transcript. It is best for your animal to be as relaxed as possible on the day/s of their energy healing sessions and not asked to do any work. This is especially important for a horse. Please do not ride your horse on the same day as their energy healing session. When you ride your horse, you need them to focus on you, not me.


Amber's review

I purchased a healing session with Janine for my cockatiel Cello. He had injured his wing and was no longer flying also his behaviour changed to quiet, lethargic and didn't want to eat.


Janine promptly connected with Cello and gave him some healing. Due to the severity of his injury Janine gave him two doses of healing over the day. His behaviour improved so much that at night he was whistling and eating again. He even went for a short fly.


The following morning Cello carried his wing at a much better angle and was almost like his old self again.


I cannot thank Janine enough for her kindness and attention with Cello. She is a truly gifted healer and communicator.

Kathie's review

The transformation in my horse has been from night to day. My horse had become extremely fearful, beyond anything I had ever seen. Something wasn't right but I did not know what it was, what caused it, or what to do. Janine used her skills and my horse has returned to her good hearted self. Janine helped my horse move from fear to love. My horse is now calm, receptive to learning, and likes to be with me.

After one of Janine's sessions, I walked out to the barn and about fifty feet from the barn I walked into an area of calmness and love. It was invisible, yet real. I truly appreciate how my horse and I have been helped. I highly recommend Janine. She is easy to talk to and sincerely interested in helping animals. I plan to be a returning customer. (Janine did three energy healing sessions). 

Julia's review

Recently I asked Janine to do a healing session on our cat Tiger. Janine knew nothing other than it was an emergency. Our cat had eye surgery the week prior and wasn't doing well. She hadn't eaten for a week and was losing weight. Having used Janine many times with my pets I wondered why it didn't occur to me to reach out sooner! Janine did two healings. After the very first healing, Tiger began to eat. You are truly amazing. We are so thankful you share your gift with such generosity.

For People

Diamond Light Energy Healing Sessions for People are gentle, peaceful and designed to encourage your healing in many different areas. They can be used along with conventional medical care. The first session takes around 35 minutes and the second 15 minutes.


In your session, I work with my Specialist Spirit Team and Healers from the Higher Spiritual Realms to flow high-frequency healing energies to you. I work remotely with you at the prescribed time of your session, and begin by flowing healing energy to whichever areas the energy chooses to go to.


I then focus on specific areas I am drawn to, for example sending healing to negative or stressful relationships, events from your past, removing negative energy cords from people, events, places, in your present or past, which are still affecting you, ancestral and/or past life healing. It will not be all of those, but the ones I am drawn to work with.


Next, I work through your main chakras as well as ancillary charkas, and layers of your energy field, flowing energy to each one for clearing, strengthening and harmonising.


Following your session, I email your audio transcript, which is a detailed record of your energy healing session and includes details about the chakras and body areas I worked with along with the emotions and physical areas they correspond with.


Diamond Light Energy Healing is high frequency, pure loving God Source energy. The intention is for it to raise your energy in the areas and ways that are to your best and highest good to encourage your ongoing healing.

If you are unwell, please consult your medical practitioner. Energy healing is a wonderful complimentary healing modality but it does not replace medical care and treatment.

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