Medical Intuition

Body Scans & Energy Healing Sessions
for People

What is happening in your body?

Find out in a session with me.

Discovering what is happening inside your body can be an incredible advantage and a great accompanying tool for conventional medical treatment.


My nursing background gives me a sound understanding of the human body. I am deeply compassionate and do all I can to provide you with a relaxed session in Zoom. I do not diagnose medical conditions, I describe what I perceive. It is important you do not tell me anything at all about your physical problems before your session. That is what I need to tell you.


It's easy to join your Zoom Session. When you book the day and time that suits you, you receive an automatic email giving you the Zoom link to your session. On that day and time, you click on the link and it takes you straight to your session. I admit you to my Zoom Room and we are ready to begin.

Medical Intuitive
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A Medical Intuitive Session has three sections.

In a Medical Intuitive Session, I use my intuitive senses to perceive the energy in your body to discern dysfunctional areas, organs and structures etc. I look deeper into those affected areas to discover what may have triggered the dysfunction or be contributing to it. Dysfunctional areas can have a variety of causes, for example – negative thoughts and feelings, low self-esteem, relationships, emotional traumas, physical shock, accidents, operations, environmental influences, even ancestral influences and past lives can have an effect.

I then work with Divine Spiritual Healers to flow Sacred Rainbow healing energies from the higher spiritual realms, to you, for your issues. The intention is for the healing energies to clear and rebalance your energy to encourage your ongoing healing. You leave the session infused with powerful, high-frequency healing energies and an ongoing plan to help you succeed. 

I email you a complimentary video of the session so you can re-listen to it and receive the healing energies again. I also add a link to a password accessed page on my website where you can download your online GIFT PACK, which contains helpful ways to further your healing and ways to live a happier and healthier life.

​I look forward to meeting you in your session.

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Your Online Gift Pack

After your session, you will receive an email with a link to a password accessed page on my website where you can download your online GIFT PACK.

It contains helpful ways to further your healing and ways to live a happier and healthier life.

​To book your Medical Intuitive Session please click on the Book A Session button. I look forward to meet you in your session.

I was limping yesterday and my knee was totally fine this morning … you did awesome.

Very accurate on me. Awesome reading and healing.


 I had a body scan done by Janine and it was amazing and incredibly spot on.

She made me feel at ease and her suggestions were helpful. I highly recommend her services.


Hi Janine, the medical intuition session was amazing. You were completely accurate and I appreciated the healing.

Thank you for such a wonderful experience.