Mediumship Sessions

Messages from your loved ones in spirit.

A Mediumship Session is all about EMOTIONAL HEALING;

for you and your loved ones in spirit.


You want to hear from them and know they are okay.


They want to pass on their love to you, and let you know they watch over you.


In a Mediumship Session, your loved ones in spirit come to the session with you, knowing you planned to have it.


I will ask you which loved one you would most like to hear from. It will depend how my energy resonates with theirs for that to happen. I will do my very best to bring through the specific person you would most love to hear from, but I cannot guarantee it. It might be another of your loved ones who comes through, sometimes they can open the door for the one you want to hear from most.


When your loved one comes forward to communicate, I describe their personality along with any other information they share about the life they had on Earth; how they passed, their relationships, home, memories, work life, pets, sometimes they share what they have seen happening in your life since they passed, and especially their love and message for you.

A mediumship session is generally for one person only, and one or more of your loved ones in spirit may come through for you. An exception is two family members can attend the same session as they will have the same loved ones in spirit wanting to connect with them.

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Mediumship Sessions
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You do not have to prepare or do anything special before your session. The more relaxed you can be, the better. Please be on your own, the session is all about you and your loved one, having other people with you changes the energies.


I know from personal experience (I have a son in Heaven) the absolute joy, comfort, and relief a mediumship session can bring.


That’s the gift I will do my very best to give you.

It's easy to join your Zoom Session. When you book the day and time that suits you, you receive an automatic email giving you the Zoom link to your session. On that day and time, you click on the link and it takes you straight to your session. I admit you to my Zoom Room and we are ready to begin.


With love and best wishes,





Please note – if your loved one has not been in the spirit realm very long, it can be harder for a medium to contact them in a session. Your deep grief can slow the energy and make communication harder. This is why it’s often suggested waiting two months before contacting a medium. If your need is urgent, I will try three weeks after your loved one has passed.

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Janine is warm and empathetic, and cares about her clients. I had a medium reading done on my best friend who passed away.

Janine's descriptions were very accurate and she delivered so much information. I was overwhelmed with feelings of closure, comfort and peace.


Highly recommend Janine without a doubt.


Thank you so much for contacting a special person who I could not say sorry to for letting him down and maybe things would have been different but he did not think so. Just perfect and be very proud of your gift.

- Sandra

Janine contacted someone (for me) who recently passed away. Clearly she had the correct person as the messages received had to have been from him. A very kind, warm person I found Janine to be, she helped soothe my  soul.

- Tina