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Missing Animals

I understand how extremely stressful it is when a beloved animal goes missing and I will do my best to help you. 

It is important you read through the following information before you book a session.

Information on Missing Animal Communication Sessions

I conduct Missing Animal Sessions differently to general sessions. I do not do them by phone or in Zoom, missing animal sessions are always done by distance, on my own. I connect with your animal using their photo to obtain as much information as I can, then I email you an audio transcript of the session. The reason for this is I need to completely focus on your animal and their situation.

​If you would like me to communicate with your missing animal please EMAIL or text 04079512789 before paying, to ensure I can schedule a session for you. Calls are available in business hours 9am-5pm Monday to Friday AEDT.

After you have contacted me, and I confirm I can do your session, please pay for your session below, then email their (1) photo, 2 photos if possible, which clearly shows their face

(2) their name,

(3) whether they are male or female, and

(4) how long they have been missing.


You can add any emotional messages you would like passed onto your animal. NO OTHER INFORMATION PLEASE. The less information given the better.

Image by Oleg Ivanov

Communicating with a missing animal can be problematic for a number of reasons.

1 - The animal may be confused and not know where they are.

2 - They may be stressed, injured, focusing on trying to find their way home, trying to avoid another animal, or have passed over.

3 - They may show where they were, where they are now, or where they want to be, they may also show their memories.

4 - I cannot say if your animal is definitely alive or passed into Heaven. It can be difficult to know if an animal is alive or passed, because animals always feel they are alive. I sometimes intuitively senses if they are alive or passed.

5 - I cannot promise your animal will be found, but I can promise to do my best when I communicate with them.

6 - Most animal communicators do not work with lost animals because of the LOW success rate, and the emotional stress involved. I do not give a refund if your animal is not found.


The session pays for my time and the energy it takes to communicate with your animal, which is the same as a general communication session.

A Missing Animal Session 

can have up to 4 components

1 - The communication session with your animal.
2 - My psychic perceptions.
3 - A 'comfort' energy healing to help your animal feel more relaxed.
4 - A remote view map of the area where I perceive your animal's energy the strongest.

I will do my very best to help your animal. At the very least, I can pass on your messages of love and hope, along with soothing energies to help them relax, and at the very best, they will be found or come home. Whenever possible, I give missing animals sessions priority. 

By Booking a session you agree you have read the following Disclaimer.
Legally, Janine McCarthy is required to say all services offered on the website are psychic and for entertainment purposes only. They are not meant to replace professional medical care. Any actions you take based on the information provided are your personal responsibility.​ You also agree not to publish Janine McCarthy's communication session transcripts, sessions, and recordings, including not on the Internet.


​Free information to help you locate your animal

Physical ways to look for your animal

Make a wide search of your neighbourhood or from where your animal went missing, and ask your neighbours (if it is safe to do so) if you can check their backyards; a frightened animal may not come out of hiding if a stranger calls them.Check with local shelters, your council, the microchip registry, anywhere you feel may be beneficial.

If you see your animal, it may run away from you if it's in flight mode and not thinking clearly. If this happens, try and attract their attention and get them thinking, instead of reacting. One way of doing this is to sit on the ground sideways from them, and pretend you are playing with something in front of you, or eating, while gently calling them and encouraging them to come to you. If it's a dog, you can also try slowly jogging in the opposite direction while calling them to follow you. You could also try using a dog whistle while searching.

If your animal is missing in a rural area, give local farmers a flyer so they know what your animal looks like, and ask them to check their outbuildings.

An indoor cat who escaped outside will probably not go very far. They usually hide somewhere down low, unless they are scared away e.g. by another animal. An outdoor cat may have gone on an adventure and become lost, hurt, trapped.

If your bird is missing, you can put their cage outside with the door open to encourage them to come back. If you have another bird, and it is safe to do so, you can put them outside in their cage. Do not leave them unattended, and have a net ready to catch the missing bird. You can also play recordings of a bird that is the same breed as yours e.g. do an Internet search for the sounds. Note - birds unaccustomed to free flying may not go very far because they do not have the physical endurance. 



Start immediately, if you haven't already.

Consider the following suggestions.



with your animal's name, photo, a phone number, and REWARD in large letters, if there is one. Keep the flyer simple, people will may not stop to read a lot of details. Distribute the flyers in letterboxes and around the neighbourhood in a wide area e.g. within at least two kilometres of your home, or from where your animal went missing. If you believe your animal has been stolen, if you say that it may stop other people from becoming involved because they fear for their safety. One way to help overcome this problem can be to say something like, 'If you have found our animal and are taking care of them, thank you. We will give you the reward when you return them'. Or, 'If you know where our animal is, please tell us, your information will remain confidential, and we will give you the reward when our animal is home.'Display the flyers in areas people go e.g. supermarkets, grocery stores, vets, groomers, dog parks, police stations, community centres, petrol/gas stations, traffic intersections, telegraph poles, post offices, parks, doctors offices, hotels, pubs, public notice-boards... You can also display a flyer inside your car window.

Energetic ways to help your animal

For your animal's sake, it is very important to remain as calm as you possibly can. I realise this is difficult. The reason I say this, is because your animal is probably energetically connected to you with a natural, loving, heart to heart bond, and they may sense your feelings (stress and fear).

As much as possible, focus on feeling love in your heart, and send that love to your animal, along with the hope they will be home soon.One way to help your animal, is to sit quietly, and either in your mind or aloud, speak to your animal and trust the message is reaching them.



Tell them how much you love them, that everything is being done to find them, and hopefully they will be home soon, and if they can, to please come home themselves quickly.


Sending love to your animal can have a calming effect, and at the very least they know you are thinking about them.

Advertise Online

In your Facebook profile page, local community groups, lost animal groups, start a 'Find (your animal's name) page'

and ask people to share it.

When someone contacts you saying they have your animal, it may be wise to meet them in a public place and take a friend with you, especially if money is to change hands.


You may have to provide proof the animal is yours e.g. a photo of the two of you together, microchip registration details, or a vet's bill.

Animals can see and sense energy

Another way you can help guide your animal home is to imagine your favourite colour as a tall beam of energy (like a torch/flashlight) going up from your home, or wherever they went missing.

​Set the intention in your mind that this beam of light will stay in place (nominate a time) and act as a beacon for your animal to see, and help guide them home.

You can also imagine a similar beam of loving light going from your heart to theirs, connecting the two of you.



Prayer is very powerful. You can ask God, your spiritual guides, your loved ones in Heaven, to help keep your animal safe and guide them home, also for them to ask kind hearted people to help your animal get home.

IMPORTANT When you book a session with any animal communicator for a missing animal, it is essential they correctly describe your animal's personality and identifying details about them, otherwise how can you know their information about your animal's location or situation is correct?

Wishing you the very best with finding your animal
 x Janine
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