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Welcome to the start of your
Animal Communication Journey

My Course is designed to help the absolute beginner learn how to communicate with animals, plus help the intermediate animal communicator deepen and expand their abilities.

Animal Communication Level One Course 

- 11 downloadable videos


If I redid the videos with bright lighting, professional props and whiz bang marketing, I could easily charge $250.00 for the course. Fortunately for you, I haven't done that, so you get them for this incredibly low price of $50.00. 

A comprehensive list of video modules is listed below, along with testimonials of others who have begun their Animal Communication journey with this course and are loving what they have learnt.

IMPORTANT - When you have paid for your course, go to the HOME page, click on the MENU and select AC COURSE LOG IN, and then sign up. The Home Page will reopen, go to the menu again and click on AC Course Log In and you will see your videos and PDFs. You have one month's access to the course. You can watch the videos online or download them and KEEP them. If you have any problems at all please email me.

Your 11 video modules cover



Introduction & Class Agenda
Video One - What is Animal Communication and How Does it Work?
Video Two - How to Set Yourself up for Success
Video Three - The Peaceful Heart Meditation Explanation
Video Four - Two Meditations - The Peaceful Heart Meditation & The Chakra Healing Meditation
Video Five - The 7 Step Heart to Heart Connection Explanation 
Video Six - The 7 Step Heart to Heart Connection Session Demonstration
Video Seven - BONUS The 7 Step Heart to Heart Communication Session Reusable Template
Video Eight - Troubleshooting 
Video Nine - Animals and Heaven
​Video Ten - Extra Information
Video Eleven - Happy Homework