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My Course is designed to help the absolute beginner learn how to communicate with animals, plus help the intermediate animal communicator deepen and expand their abilities.

Animal Communication Level One Course 

- 11 downloadable videos

COVID SPECIAL PRICE 2 & 1/2 hours $35.00 AUD (Was $75.00)

If I redid the videos with bright lighting, professional props and whiz bang marketing, I could easily charge $250.00 for the course. Fortunately for you, I haven't done that, so you get them for this ridiculously cheap price of $35.00. 

A comprehensive list of video modules is listed below, along with testimonials of others who have begun their Animal Communication journey with this course and are loving their new enlightened energy.

Study Animal Communication  Class (trailer)

Your 11 video modules cover



Introduction & Class Agenda
Video One - What is Animal Communication and How Does it Work?
Video Two - How to Set Yourself up for Success
Video Three - The Peaceful Heart Meditation Explanation
Video Four - Two Meditations - The Peaceful Heart Meditation & The Chakra Healing Meditation
Video Five - The 7 Step Heart to Heart Connection Explanation 
Video Six - The 7 Step Heart to Heart Connection Session Demonstration
Video Seven - BONUS The 7 Step Heart to Heart Communication Session Reusable Template
Video Eight - Troubleshooting 
Video Nine - Animals and Heaven
​Video Ten - Extra Information
Video Eleven - Happy Homework


I had the opportunity to join Janine McCarthy's Animal Communication Level One class. Janine went over a lot of material in a short time, but I didn't feel overwhelmed with all the information she presented. We learned about the chakras and energy fields, personal activation methods, the clairs, and her special Peaceful Heart Meditation. Since I had her book, I was easily able to follow along, yet I learned some new stuff too. Janine's gentle and patient nature gives a calm mood to the class. I highly recommend this class for those who would like to learn the basics and develop their confidence. There is a practise time at the end which was really helpful. I look forward to part 2.

 - Cherie

I was introduced to Janine when she did a reading for me in an animal communication FB group several years ago. The message I received from my dog was so insightful it utterly convinced me that animal communication is a real skill. A few years later I jumped at reading Janine's book which was a lovely introduction to animal communication. Based on these experiences I decided to see if I could try my hand at developing my communication skills so I booked one of Janine's beginner sessions. The online class was professional, clear and insightful. I even had some success when it was my turn to give it a try. I am now planning to have monthly individual sessions with Janine. I highly recommend Janine and her animal communication training.

- Claire

I was thinking that as an Animal Reiki practitioner and able to positively 'share my healing space' with animals, that learning AC would be kind of easy. No way ! .... like others, I have been finding so many blockages and feeling like giving up. I know full well that my animals can 'hear' me and that they are probably as frustrated as me by my not 'hearing' them. So I turned to Janine for her advice support and mentoring. I have just come away from an amazing AC session with Janine, feeling confident and inspired. It was a calming, gentle and beautiful experience. I highly recommend Janine to all who are wanting to find their way and achieve positive outcomes with AC.

 - Jill
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