Psychic Rainbow Reading

Your Chakras tell your Story

Chakras are energy centres which run in a beam of rainbow-coloured energies through the centre of your body. They flow information between your physical body and your energy field (your aura). Each of the seven main chakras relates to specific aspects of your personality, emotions and areas of your body.


They contain information about your past, present and sometimes possible future possibilities. 


Your base chakra represents your survival, security, family & abundance. The sacral chakra represents your personal power, emotions, ability to experience pleasure, and your fertility. The solar plexus chakra represents your confidence, control, success, sense of purpose. The heart chakra represents your love & relationships. The throat chakra represents your communication, self-expression, trust, creativity, psychic ability. The third eye chakra represents your logic and clear thinking, intuition, psychic abilities. The crown chakra represents your divine connection.


Rainbow Reading

Your Soul Star Chakra, above your head, is where your Higher Self resides. Your Higher Self is your Divine Essence, the most spiritual part of you. In a Psychic Rainbow Reading, your Higher Self may offer a message or a choice in an area of your life you need guidance with.


A reading can provide insights into why you feel the way you do. Combine that with a Sacred Rainbow Energy Healing to help bring your chakras into harmony, to help you move forward in a more empowered way.


I look forward to forward to your session.


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All I can say is amazing!!!! It was a very different experience for me but so insightful... Truly beautiful.

 - Katrina

A Psychic Rainbow Reading by Janine is insightful with your true nature of self. The stream of healing and meaningful messages are so true to your heart. I felt this and my soul acknowledged it.

- Carol

I thoroughly enjoyed Janine's Chakra Reading and Healing. Treat yourself if you can.

 - Clio

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